A Different Kind of Doctor

Dear Prospective Patient,

Welcome and thank you for being here ~

You may have come across my name through a web search for “Naturopathic Doctors in Maryland” or you may have been referred to me by a friend, family member or another healthcare provider. How ever our paths have come to intersect, I am grateful.

If you or someone you love is experiencing physical, mental or emotional discomfort, you may be curious to know if I can offer symptomatic relief. And while there is no way that I can predict who will most benefit from the perspective and approach that I offer, I can be clear and open with you about what I bring to the treatment space when engaging in a healing partnership with a new patient.

I offer to you…

  • My listening presence.
  • My gratitude for your courage in branching from the traditional healing path in search of a new possibility.
  • Time to tell your story and to unpack your experiences in a way that is meaningful to you.
  • A strong appreciation for medical science coupled with the wisdom of natural and traditional healing methods.
  • Support with connecting the dots between your physical symptoms and how they relate to your life experiences.
  • A safe space that is free of judgement and guilt.
  • An opportunity to know and love yourself more deeply.
  • A reminder that you are in charge of your health.
  • A willingness to collaborate with other members of your healthcare team to facilitate continuity of care.
  • My commitment to accompany you on your healing journey with patience, presence and unconditional love.

I am a different kind of doctor, and I look forward to the opportunity to guide you in a direction of health and vitality.

You may have some logistical questions that can be answered on the Therapies page regarding treatments that I use in practice, visit fees and accepted payment methods. You are also welcome to call the office at 443-961-7411 to speak with myself or my office manager.

Peace to you,

Dr. Emily