Breaking Down and Opening Up

Patiently awaiting transformation in ourselves and in our world…

My husband and I started composting last year. And while I wish I could say that I rolled up my sleeves, bought some worms and a turn-crank plastic bin to keep in the backyard, the truth is that we subscribed to a wonderful local service called Compost Crew who picks up our bin each week and does the dirty work for us. Now every time we have to clean out the fridge or dispose of a bulky cauliflower stalk, I sigh with relief that the moldy leftovers and other food scraps will not go to waste. Through a process as old as life and death itself, that which is no longer viable gives way to growth and creation.

As the summer heat intensifies and the smell of decomposing food in our bin ripens, the discomfort in my senses is only magnified by the radio reports each day highlighting the break down of trust in our communities and a focus on that which separates or divides us. And yet, there is another story brewing. It is the story that you are telling – the healing story that begins with a break down of old beliefs around your relationship to your body…to your pain…to your diagnosis. This story is as personal as it is universal as grief gives way to peace, grudges give way to forgiveness and anger gives way to love.

Summer is a natural time of connection – when the heart lowers its shield and embraces opportunities for building community and deepening in love. What you focus on grows. May summer offer you time to cultivate joy and light-heartedness so that come Fall, we can collectively harvest an abundance of wellness for our communities and our planet.