Naturopathic Licensure in Maryland

The dream is now a reality.

A journey that began back in January 2011 when the Maryland Naturopathic Doctors Association first introduced our licensure bill to the Maryland General Assembly has now resulted in the issuance of licenses to practice naturopathic medicine in Maryland. This great triumph is still being celebrated all across the country as Maryland becomes the 17th state to license naturopathic doctors in the US.

As I await the arrival of my official license in the coming weeks, I wanted to provide current and prospective patients with more information about the implications of licensure and how it will impact my practice. Hopefully many of your questions will be answered below:

Will you be able to act as my Primary Care Provider?

By law, NDs will not serve as primary care providers in Maryland and will act as specialists in natural medicine.

Will insurance companies be required to cover naturopathic care?

No, the naturopathic licensure law does not include provisions for third party reimbursement. Services will remain out-of-pocket.

As a patient, will I need to do anything different once you are licensed?

All current and new patients will be asked to sign a consent form which will clearly outline the scope of practice for NDs in Maryland and remind patients that I will not be serving as their primary care provider.

Once licensed, what will change with your practice?

I will be able to order laboratory tests and perform physical exam to support clinical diagnosis. As a licensed health care professional in Maryland I will also be able to better connect and collaborate with other health care providers to improve patient care.

Will you be able to prescribe medications?

No, NDs will not be permitted to prescribe pharmaceutical medications under the current law. A multi-disciplinary Naturopathic Formulary Council is being established to review what types of pharmaceuticals NDs may be able to prescribe in the future.

How do I set up an appointment?

Please contact my office manager Gwen at: 443-226-7665 or