Our Mission

HeartSpace Natural Medicine is a holistic health center where personalized and prevention-focused natural health care is delivered with love, wisdom and deep respect for the healing capacity of the individual.

We empower individuals and families in taking an active and mindful approach to their health through the use of healing presence, health education and natural therapeutics.

The practitioners at HeartSpace are committed to creating a safe environment for individuals to explore their health through the lens of the heart, allowing for deep healing and transformation.

HeartSpace Principles:
  • We practice loving kindness towards self and others.
  • We support and acknowledge the Healing Power of Nature.
  • We respect spiritual and cultural beliefs that differ from our own and recognize their role in healing.
  • We empower individuals with the therapeutic tools and medical resources to restore health and make informed health care decisions.

“I want to give you my own gratitude for the work you do and for the beautiful way in which you cared for me. The compassionate care you offer has really touched me. I also deeply appreciate the beauty and sense of spirituality that permeates your healing practice. For the first time in working with a health practitioner I feel truly held in an integral way, far and beyond my expectations.”  – M.T.