Unconventional Gratitude

The longer I practice and observe what lies beneath pain, suffering and illness, the more I learn about the Body’s ability to tell a story about its desire to love and be loved. The story is universal but the details are so specific and unique to each individual’s journey.

Arriving at this experience of deep and transformational love can rock our very foundation. It can challenge everything that we decided was true about ourselves or the people / situations in our lives. The “I’m not good enough’s” and fingers pointed to blame other people or circumstances for our discomfort may no longer fit when Unconditional Love sits down at the table.

How far can you stretch your gratitude this holiday season? Is there a place at the table to embrace family grievances in thanksgiving for the opportunities to learn about forgiveness? Does your gratitude extend wide enough to embrace all of the things you wished and hoped for this year that did not arrive or go as planned in order to teach you about patience or letting go?

Practicing “unconventional gratitude” – or the kind of gratitude that rocks our foundation enough to arrive somewhere new and beautiful – can pave the way towards transformational love… chipping through suffering and pain to reveal the sparkling gem waiting in your heart.

May your holiday table be wide enough to hold all of the healing that you have yet to learn is possible.