What do you stand for?

Securing our roots as we face the winds of change

As predicted, the wind gusts started to howl a little after 3pm on Saturday. What had been a balmy mid-November day just an hour before, with pedestrians shedding layers to soak in the warm sunshine, quickly shifted into an eerie scene of street signs rattling and ground cover taking flight. While this sudden drop in temperature and change in weather felt jolting, we had also had time to prepare – we had been warned. Jackets, hats and scarves were well within reach, and by taking a little time to don the proper attire, we could safely face the elements with comfort and ease.

And then there are times when it feels like there is no warning. Sometimes we get the wind knocked right out of us, losing our bearings we are left feeling vulnerable and alone.

Over the last two weeks, I have been holding space with many of you who are healing your way through this wind storm. Heavy-hearted, fearful and anxious, you have shared your stories of grief and shock. You have also held space open in your hearts for something new to become possible. You have committed to your own healing and self-care as an act of Love. In fact, this is what you have been preparing for all along…to learn how limitless your own Love can become.

Every choice that you have made to nourish yourself with healthy foods, to pause for two minutes of mindfulness, to walk those extra few steps each day or to give attention to kind thoughts about yourself or others has been rehearsal for the moments in life when you feel so pulled away from your place of center that you wonder how to find your way back again. Your wellness practices are your breadcrumbs – follow them with the same trust and faith that you summoned when you first laid out this path for yourself to remember your way Home.

The trees did not need a weather report to prepare them for the storm system that blew through this weekend. They rehearse daily for these events by nestling their roots deeper into the ground and stretching their limbs further into the sky. In their strength is flexibility and in their grace, resilience.

In the weeks and months to come, let us dig down our roots and rise up to meet the wind. May we find Love in the center of all that we stand for, and may our collective healing begin once again.