Where I Went On My Supplement Vacation

Like many of you, I occasionally feel a need to take a “supplement vacation.” During a long stretch of the Fall my bottles of vitamins and minerals which had been adding strength and vigor to my summer days sat on the shelf and collected dust. I continued to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, exercise by walking to and from work and practice regular meditation, but as a series of unforeseen house repair projects piled up quickly this winter, my resiliency to the stress started to wane. My supplement vacation took me to a place where moods swing and muscles ache. Doubt and anxiety crept in like uninvited stowaways rocking the boat and distracting my attention.

My pathway back to stability and focus began with simply reintroducing my multi-vitamin and a probiotic. Next trickled in some fish oil for a mood lift and vitamin D for a sense of inner sparkle. And while the answers to all health concerns do not lie in the bottom of a bottle of ashwagandha, magnesium or B complex, these nutrients as well as others do support your body’s ability to bounce back from emotional and environmental stressors with greater ease. I view supplements as a tool to strengthen your vitality so that the other healing practices you are exploring (acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, counseling, etc.) will work better and hold longer.

This is one vacation I don’t mind returning home from! And as you step your healthiest foot forward into 2018, I look forward to creating a treatment plan for you that moves you closer towards your health and wellness goals.